For 15 years, I have been searching for my own scenic languages and these invention and exploration experiences have led me to question the way I work, the way I nourish myself.

In this way, as well as creating shows, I address in a more and more intense way the question of transmission.

The "Transmission" course with Bénédicte Pavelak that I followed in 2012-2013 gave substance and meaning to my desire to accompany.

I took a course in BMC (Body Mind Centering) with Lula Chourlin and Janet Amato in 2009-2010, and I followed workshops in theatre, dance and personal development, which have enriched my work and shown me many ways to approach transmission.

In a spirit of research and sensitivity to others, of rigour and attention, I propose a work on presence, to experience and meet the living in all its forms.

When we have a particular way of working, whether artistic or not, we soon start to act automatically. In a gesture learned and perfectly mastered (even such a banal and everyday gesture as eating) are we really present in what we are doing? What is our relationship to repetition?

I use BMC as a door into this work. It's a great tool to make contact with our structure, our skeleton, by touch, sensations, drawing…

It is a question of approaching our own foundation in a very special way, to come back to it incessantly whilst also going towards the other, to project ourselves into space, to improvise, with the quality of an open presence. Creating space to welcome the new.

When the foundation is laid, with the help of body tools, singing, playing, drawing, improvisation, objects ... I gradually offer ways to allow everyone to enrich his creative language.

By giving ourselves time to get together, to meet other people, to explore new spaces, to question the way we act. A time to replenish ourselves…

Jeanne Mordoj

- 1 to 3-day training course/6 hours per day
- Open to professionals (dancers, actors, circus performers, musicians etc.)
- 15 participants maximum

If you wish to organise a training course, please write to

Workshops / project guidance:

  • From the 7th to the 9th of November 2012, laboratory in Copenhaguen
  • From the 2nd to the 4th of March 2013, workshop on male/female dichotomy, Espace Jeliotte, Espace Jeliotte, Oloron Sainte Marie.
  • 30th and 31st of March 2013, workshop on male/female dichotomy, théâtre de l’Espace, Scène Nationale of Besançon.
  • Option, workshop on male/female dichotomy, Turin in April 2013