bg présentation

la poème, large format

Conception, drawings, performance Jeanne Mordoj
Stage direction Isabelle Vellay
Sound designer Isabelle Surel
Design and construction of stage set Mathieu Delangle
Costume designer Isabelle Pasquier
Graphic designer Camille Sauvage
Stage management Marion Lefebvre
Stage coordination Marianne Pelcerf
Sound control Raphaëlle Chevalier
Artistic collaboration Hervé Pierre
  Daniel Jeanneteau
Stage assistant Annabelle Pirlot

What is the creative act? A fumbling attempt to describe humanity?

Weaving a secret link with what we don't understand?

The Poem is a piece of outsider art, a dance in one sole stroke, a breath.

It's a tribute to the archaic world, to the power of the feminine.

The body is at work, it draws and takes shape before our eyes.

The woman bursts forth into the forest of her metamorphoses,

By changing her skin she plays with shapes, in turn a primitive creature at work

in her sketching cave, a woman of the world standing the test of words, a bird fallen outside its nest, an egg-swallowing magician…

She kneads herself, makes faces, it gurgles, it burbles,

Free in the workshop of life.